How can I get my stubborn cat into a carrier?

Sep 15, 2017 | Cat Behavior | 0 comments

If you’re a cat owner its a cold hard truth the one day, you’re going to need to put your cat into a carrier. Research shows that 39% of cat owners only bring their cats to the vet if their cat is sick, so the key to getting your cat into the carrier is not have it have it be a negative experience.

Here are some suggestions on how to get your cat into the carrier for a trip to the vet’s office.

1.  Make sure you have a top-loading cat carrier. These carriers are ideal because they allow you and the Veterinary team to easily get a cat who’s scared anxious aggressive. If you don’t have a top-loading carrier, you can place your carrier upright and gently lower your cat inside tail first. Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to do this.

2.  Leave your carrier out around your household year-round. Even if you can’t leave it on all the time it is a great idea to bring your carrier out a month before you use it, so that your cat can become comfortable and that is part of his territory. Put the carrier out  and leave it open. Kitty will be curious, and will explore. Let her.

3.  Put a nice towel or something in the bottom of the carrier. You might take a towel that has her scent on it, or a nice comfy fleece blanket to keep your cat calm. You could also line the carrier with an absorbable towel or wee-wee pad in case she has an accident during transport.

4.  Put some treats or catnip every so often. If your cat has a favorite toy put it inside the carrier. This is a real stress reliever.

These are our recommendations for getting your furry family member into the carrier for a stress-free visit to the vet’s office. How do you get your stubborn cat into the carrier? Let us know by commenting below.


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