Cats Get Bored Too! 5 Ways to Keep Your Kitty Entertained

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Majority of pet cats lead an indoor life. However, cats have instinctive needs to express certain behaviors and when they are in a restrictive environment; they’re likely to become stressed.

Stress might be communicated in different ways, depending on the individual. One feline may tend to cover up, while another will urinate in wrong places. It’s your obligation to accommodate behavioral requirements, which would typically be obtained in nature. These consist of the need to chase, the ability to retreat and hide, the delight of climbing and, when all is said in done, the requirement for a cat to have a feeling that he is in control of his own activities.

Here are 5 simple ways to keep your cat entertained and happy:

1. Allow for managed play time outside.
Nature can be a hazardous place for your cat. In any case, if he/she is permitted outside in a controlled way, it can be a delightful time for your cat. One approach to do this is to train your cat how to walk on a leash. Trust it or not, it is possible! Another approach in allowing your cat outdoors is to construct or buy an encased room, case or tunnel. Such areas allow cats to encounter the sights, sounds and fragrances of the outside world, without allowing them to wander aimlessly. Simply ensure your cat’s on heartworm protection and up to date on his/her vaccinations before venturing outside with your cat.

2. Ensure that your cat has access to “Cat TV”
You may like sitting in front of the TV for amusement; however your cat presumably inclines toward seeing nature. Her can’t-miss programming incorporates seeing the group of wrens in your cherry tree, or the nearby neighbor who strolls with her Corgi consistently at 2 p.m., so give her unhampered access to windows in your home — including perches, where necessary. In the event that conceivable, hang winged creature and squirrel feeders outside of the windows your cat frequents most

3. Make ways for your cat to “hunt” for food.
As opposed to letting your cat nibble on food all day, which the ASPCA notes can prompt your feline to over indulge, allow your cat to work (or hunt) for a portion of it. You can do this by concealing food throughout the house or placing it in food-dispensing toys. Even a timed food dispenser for your cat meals will help keep your cat on his/her toes.

4. Quality time with you.
The best sort of play is interactive play. Amid every day play sessions with you, your feline can appreciate a more noteworthy level of scholarly incitement and vigorous action. Specifically, consider exercises that permit your feline to practice his/her chasing impulses. Toys that look like prey, for example, rodents, are prevalent with felines. You can move these toys toward and far from your cat with the goal that she needs to catch them. Wand toys offer another path for you to entice your feline into chasing style play — all while keeping her brain and body dynamic.

5. Provide chances for discovery
As specified by W.R Shaw in Keeping Cats from Getting Bored, Cats love finding new places and objects. Use to this to your advantage by leaving out things your kitty can explore. Paper shopping bags (with the handles cut off) and cardboard boxes are straightforward, ordinary things you can utilize. You may need to likewise put resources into a cat condo or a couple well-placed scratching posts for your cat.


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