Are You Putting Your Cat In Harms Way? Avoid These 5 Household Risks

Jan 19, 2017 | Cat Health | 0 comments

You think of your cat a family member, who you’d never put in harm’s way. But you may be surprised to find out that quite a few common habits could be accidentally putting your cat at risk. However, the uplifting news is that once you figure out how to see your home condition from your kitty’s point of view, it’s simpler to make a sheltered and safe home.

1. Strings and Things

Kitties love to play with strings, particularly strings that dangle. They can get hours of fun and enjoyment from them, however that can also be dangerous if some precautions are not taken.

There are several string toys available that can be hung from a doorknob or a counter, but these long dangling strings can be a strangulation hazard for your cat if she where to get caught in them.

A safer choice is a toy that dangles from something low, like an end table or a cat tree, with a rope that is too short to wrap around your cat’s neck.

On the off chance that you do permit your little kitty to play with any strings longer than a couple inches, only give her access to these toys when she is under your watch.

Stringy cat toys aren’t the only risk. There might also be other things around your home that can choke kitty, including drawstrings, shoelaces, and most generally, window covering lines.

If you have a playful cat, it would be wise to take time to secure any long dangling objects that could potentially entice an inquisitive cat.

2. Household Plants

More often than not, domestic cats can get sick snacking on household plants. In most cases the result is just an upset stomach, however there are some plants that can be lethal for your cat if ingested.

Lilies – particularly Easter lilies – are beautiful to look at, but they are also among the most deadly plants for felines. You may want to avoid bringing lilies into your home all together. It’s just not worth the risk. As far as other household plants, you should be cautious to place them out of reach of your cat if possible.

If you think your cat has eaten a plant that has made her sick, get her to the veterinarian for medical attention immediately.

3. Human Food

Giving your cat table scraps is never a smart idea. Their little bodies are not designed to digest the same types of foods as we do.

An innocent toss of human food under the table can put your kitty in danger of an upset stomach or worst.

Onions, garlic, chives, chocolate, and caffeine have been proven to be lethal for felines. You’ll want to avoid feeding anything containing these ingredients to your cat at all costs.

4. Medication

The ingestion of medicines is one of the most common ways that your cat could be harmed. Make sure to keep all drugs (even the medicines prescribed for your feline) in a sheltered place that your kitty can’t reach.

5. Mouse or Rat Poison

Rodents are carriers of disease and toxic substances that could potentially harm your poor kitty.

Cats commonly don’t ingest these toxic substances directly; rather, they ingest them secondhand when they get a mouse or rodent that has died or was made ill by the toxin.

If you see your cat consume a rodent, don’t be alarmed. Hunting for prey is a normal instinctive behavior even for domesticated cats.

You will want to monitor her wellness afterwards, looking for signs of sickness or abnormal behavior like vomiting and diarrhea. In most cases a bit of rest and fresh water will bring kitty back to normal, but if the sickness increases get her to the veterinarian immediately.

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