9 Silly Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Cat

Feb 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day offers an occasion for people to show their appreciation for the ones they love and adore. While many people give greeting cards, chocolates, jewelry or roses to their partners or admirers, some others are content with celebrating this special day in the company of their cat.

Check out these nine animated photos that demonstrate some silly ways you can enjoy Valentine’s Day with your feline companion. Perhaps one of them will inspire you.

1. Take a long, romantic walk along the beach.

2. Have a candlelit bath together.

3. Serenade your cat with a love song.

4. Savour a delightful frozen treat.

5. Bond over your mutual love of sports.

6. Partake in a seafood dinner for two.

7. How about a couples massage?

8.Take a relaxing drive through the countryside with your one and only.


9. Spoil yourselves on a shopping spree.



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