7 Reasons Why Black Cats Are AWESOME!

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Black cats have a hard time getting adopted out of shelters for a variety of silly reasons. Some people believed black cats are cursed, scary, and others think they won’t show up well in selfies. Whatever the case may be, nobody should be judged by the color of his or her fur. Ignorance and Superstition have given black beauties a bad rap, yet under that under that ebony fur pulsates honest to goodness hearts.

Here Are The Top 7 Reasons To Give Black Cats A Chance

1. You can have your own miniature panther look alike


Ever had the crazy idea of owning a panther? If you ever considered it than you are as nuts as me! It costs a considerable measure of cash and you need licenses and permits to even care for one. Black cats look like miniature panthers and this is great news for any Carolina Panthers fan. You can boast to every one of your companions about owning a tiny panther, I know I would!

2. They are natural born ninjas

Because their coat is so dark, come night-time, they are almost invisible. This makes them excellent hunters and stare trippers. If you own a black cat, never do your laundry at night!

3. They always look clean

Unlike white cats, your black cat doesn’t show the dirt and grime. He doesn’t care if its muddy or dusty outside, his black coat will still look just as glossy.

4. Even the Irish think they are lucky

That’s right, good luck. The Irish believe a black cat on your patio is lucky. So imagine what good fortune you could bring to your home by allowing a pair of them sit watching out of your front window?

5. Black is always in style

They’re always trendy and fashionable. Their black coats will never go out of style, and a black cat will never clash with any color you’re wearing.

6. The Original “Selfie”

Long before a “selfie” was something people did and posted on social media, the black cat was doing it right. “Selfie” is a term used to describe a cat that is all one, pure color, and black is only one of three pure colors a cat can be (the other two are white and red)

7. They have the most amazing eyes

Have you ever noticed how a black cat’s eye just glow? They appear to have tiny lights behind them, no matter what time of day. Nothing is more stunning than glowing, bright eyes.

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