15 Signs You Might Be A Crazy Cat Lady

Jan 19, 2017 | Cat Humor | 0 comments

It is incredible the uncanny super ability that cats have to be attentive to our needs at all times. Regardless of whether it’s a comfortable snuggle, a consoling purr, or only a quiet companion sitting on your lap, felines are genuinely the best. Think you may be a Crazy Cat Lady? In the event that any of these 15 signs seem to be accurate for you, you may simply be a (PROUD) Crazy Cat Lady!

1. This is your favorite pair of shoes:

2. But you brush your teeth on your cat’s schedule.

3. You don’t own bookshelves for books. They’re cat-holders.

4. Your empty boxes are never empty for long.

5. This is how you check your emails:

6. This is how you read the morning paper

7. This is you trying to wrap presents.

8. All of your coffee mugs say something like this:

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9. You judge people on whether or not they like cats.

10. This is part of your home décor

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11. You would totally wear this:

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12. You cannot leave the house without doing this to your outfit.

13. You think this Tattoo is totally BadAss

14. You’re always ready to show your Cat Mom Pride

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15. This is how it looks when you’re trying to sleep in your bed:


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