These photos of super cute kittens will brighten just about anyone’s day.

Check out the photos below and let us know which one you liked most in the comments.

#1 Louie caught in the act with his hands up!

Source: Leafyboy34

#2 Illegally Smol Purrfection!

Source: GiftedBrilliance


#3 Criminal startles when caught in the act of being too smol.

Source: Breyber12

#4 The smolest criminal.

Source: thepiwi98

#5 His name is Phillip and he sleeps in a sock.

Source: incarnarslc

#6 Miso realized on Day 1 that screaming is an effective tool to get fed sooner.

Source: carameIricecakes

#7 14-days-old.

Source: ejazaamir

#8 Little Kit Kat was not happy about being picked up to be weighed. She definitely complained to the manager.

Source: MissCrazyLady


#9 “This tiny little thing is in bite quarantine at my shelter. She barely even has teeth yet, but the people who brought her in said she was vicious. As I opened her kennel to give her a bed, she crawled directly into my hands and started purring.”

Source: Raising_Danger

#10 “This cat was someone’s trash and became my lil bitey treasure.”

Source: Spankydolittle

#11 Little criminal was found in a car engine. Has been detained for attempted grand theft auto.

Source: LilBeanSproutKM

#12 Changing the channel while underage and without a permit to boot!

Source: Margerita94



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