#1 There’s Not A Single Thought In Her Head. Not One


#2  She Always Prefers To Sit With Her Front Feet Pointed Away From Each Other

Source: F1ssion

#3  Last Year One Of The Foster Kittens We Had Maintained Eye Contact As He Took A Standing Poop

Source: kec36

#4 This Cat Is A Person (Not My Cat)

Source: shyfemalecharacter

#5 I Think I Might’ve Done Something Wrong Because Apparently My Cat Wants Me To Sit Down And Have A Talk With Him

Source: Salty-Photo-57

#6 Think He’d Like The Beach? This Is A Daily Occurrence

Source: DarthYsalamir

#7 Antonio Loves To Bask

Source: abbyy46

#8 Cats Also Have Whiskers On The Back Of Their Front Legs

Source: Assuume

#9 What. The. F… Is This. Cat Probably


#10 Meet Charlie


#11 Just Couldn’t Make It



Source: aldolaseb

Let us know in the comments below your opinion about these kitties and which one intrigued you the most.


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