#1 I Waited Two Days For This Picture

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#2  I Know It Isn’t A Box But My Cat Loves To Sit On Kitchen Cloths!!

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#3 I Was Sent Here To Show You How Effective Cat Traps Can Be At The Foot Of The Bed. Everyone Tucked In Nicely, Nobody Gets Squashed In Their Sleep!

Source: Im_Asia

#4 For Some Reason This Particular Bag Of Groceries Was Heavier Than The Rest


#5 Caught A Couple Of Criminals

Source: kittenCASA

#6 He Loves Legos Very Much

Source: holly_molly_33441

#7 He Forgot His Poptart Outside The Trap!

Source: pinkeskimo

#8  They’re Huge Fans


#9 Yusuf Can’t Believe We Ever Close This Thing

Source:  Super-flewis

#10 Hercules Was Caught And Then Fell Asleep

Source: txstormking

#11 This Unusual Trap Has Snagged A Victim


#12 I Caught A Void

Source: slatemillion

#13 My 20 Pound Maine Coon Requires A Larger Trap. This One Works Every Time!

Source: 11exgreib


Source: bigtastie

#15 I Just Love This Picture Of Her

Source: mazzyuniverse

Let us know in the comments below your opinion about these kitties and which one intrigued you the most.


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