1. The Day They Were Found And 3 Years Later

Photo source: Few-Comment9314

2. This Is Doutor Before And After Adopted

Photo source: 666c0rpse

3. One Year Of Good Care And Love

Photo source: brujasinpoderes

4. Found This Scrap Of A Kitten Under A Bus Stop. Was Worried She’d Be Blind, But Look At Those Beautiful Eyes Now!

Photo source: reddit.com

5. Rabbit & Cricket, 1 Year Later

Photo source: YoungPopess

6. 1 Year Ago I Found This Tiny Kitten In The Middle Of The Parking Lot At My Work. Scroll To See Xena Grow Up!

Photo source: zmeknits

7. Toast The Day I Brought Him Home And Then A Few Months Later!

Photo source: UncleGael

8. Five Years Ago I Fed A Stray Kitten, It Followed Me Home

Photo source: Momriguez

9. 13 Year Old Pouncer Is A Hospice Foster Fail! He Was Neglected And Ignored After His Mom Died. I’m So Lucky To Give Him A Happy Home Until He’s Ready To Join His Mama On The Other Side

Photo source: ShivsButtBot

10. I’ve Been Rescuing For 15 Years. This Is A Favorite Before And After

Photo source: Hoperosaliex

11. Got Kimchi Out Of A Vending Machine

Photo source: WarlordOfMaltise

12. My Neighbors Saw A Cat Get Hit By A Car. Unfortunately, She Couldn’t Be Saved. Then They Heard A Kitten Crying Under A Shed

Photo source: ambermackay

13.   Saw Him Looking Way Too Small And Sick. Now Healthy And So Fluffy

Source: dachinesechicken

14. Found In A Dumpster With Very Bad Eye Infectionsh

Source: Sea-Reflection-1373

15. My First Foster Kittens – At My Home Before, In Their Loving Forever Home After!! (Fostered Back In 2020)

Source: Daisystar99

We hope these hilarious photos have left you with a newfound appreciation for the fierce and playful nature of our feline friends. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know which of these cat warriors stole your heart. Until next time, keep practicing your ninja moves!


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