About us

Stubborn CatLet's face it, cats can be downright stubborn. They refuse to come when we call them, they climb on things they're not supposed to, and sometimes the even go outside of their litter box when nature calls.

As cat lovers, we embrace the stubbornness of our furry friends, because we understand it's just a normal characteristic of their independent spirits and individual personalities. After all, how can one stay mad at these precious creatures with their heartwarming eyes and cute little whiskers?

Stubborn Cat's online store offers trendy cat-inspired apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items that go outside the box. Our customers are self-proclaimed cat people, who proudly embrace their independent spirit and love for their cats through the attire they wear. They are fashion conscious individuals, who demand affordable, cutting edge designs that are full of purr-sonality!

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Angel The Stubborn Cat MascotThis little guy is Angel, the Stubborn Cat mascot. He might look a little intimidating at first glance, but don't be fooled... he's as gentle as a little pussy cat!

When he's not sleeping, Angel is a very lively cat. He likes to play with his cat toys and run about the house jumping from one piece of furniture to the next. 

When you're sitting on the sofa or your comfy chair, he'll come lie down at your feet to keep you company. Even though, he doesn't make a sound you know that's his way of saying, "I love you!"

However, sometimes Angel gets a bit too aggressive in his play, and when he's warned to bring it down a notch, he simply ignores you and continues to do whatever his little heart and paws desire.

And don't you dare attempt to chastise him about his mischievous behavior. You're liable to get his signature ice cold stare, which magically causes you to reward him with a treat, in spite of his behavior.

In Angel's world, he is the king, and WE are his servants. That's just the way it is and anyone who owns a cat knows that CATS RULE THE HOUSE!

Angel is stubborn because he likes to go outside the box, and he is the sole inspiration for the Stubborn Cat brand. You will see sprinkles of his purr-sonality throughout this website, including our logo, and also in many of our custom design prints and accessories. 

The Stubborn Cat team is dedicated to providing superior customer support. If you ever need assistance, click the green chat box that is always present at the bottom of our site. One of our catployees will respond, usually within an hour, even after normal business hours.

Our mission is to create a place where cat lovers can stay current with all the latest cat trends, news, and memes, while shopping from the largest variety of cat themed products on the Internet.