#1 The Teensiest Of Murder Mittens

Source: leglesslegolegolas

#2 Sweet Dreams, Hooman…

Source: one_of_the_millions

#3 Adorable Little Death Machine

Source: jeffers0n_steelflex

#4 Murder Mittens With Fluff Silencers

Source: LipidSoluble

#5 A Golden Murder Mitten

Source: LauraMayAbron

#6 Cuddle Cats

Source: floofyboop1

#7 He Is 18 Years Old, 19 In October And He Still Shows Us How’s The Man In The House!

Source: Mr_Johnes

#8 My Sister’s Void, Always Showing Off The Mittens

Source: sparrowthecryptid

#9  Just A Mitten

Source: kit-kat315

#10 Good Morning!

Source: marinelli81172

#11 Kibble Hunter

Source: catlikejeans

#12  That’s A Nice Leather Sofa You’ve Got. It’d Be A Shame If Something Were To Happen To It

Source:  marinelli81172

Let us know in the comments below your opinion about these kitties and which one intrigued you the most.


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