1. He Likes Being Carried Like An Orange Satchel

Photo source: AgentGravitas

2. My Loud, Snaggletooth’d, Single Brain Cell, Almost 17 Year Old Floof~

Photo source: T-I-Double-Ta-Erps

3. Orange Cat

Photo source: NoFaceQueen

4. I Just Realized Nugget Has An Upvote On His Chest

Photo source: RandyBeaman

5. Just Brought Home This Senior Orange Boy – Meet Kenneth!

Photo source: confusednazgul

6.  Trying To Eat A Bee Gets You The Cone Of Shame And A Swollen Schnoz

Photo source: iowafarmboy2011

7. See Our Gremlin In His Natural Habitat: Proudly Strutting Around After Getting Into Office Supplies And Sticky-Noting His Own Butt

Photo source: SecretlyVoldemort

8. This Is Kevin. He Regularly Sits Like This While We Watch TV

Photo source: pleuritic_chest_pain

9. He Always Tries To Lie On Top Of The Eggs, So We Put Ping Pong Balls In The Egg Carton

Photo source: mercurio_liquido

10. Nothing Going On In There. Not Even Elevator Music

Photo source: some_disclosure

11. This Is Gus Gustopher Gustopherson

Photo source: seriicis

12. The Day I Picked Her Out At The Shelter

Photo source: booksandcatlover


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