#1 So Dramatic

Source: lskxpp

#2 Kitty Just Wants Pets

Source: muchtimeandspace

#3 He’s Trying To Lure Me Under The Bed With Red Balloons

Source: Slamtastick

#4 I Shall Delete Everything

Source: TarynHK

#5 I Think Poe Is Flipping Me Off

Source: paigedaly


#6 Small Guy, Big Claws

Source: theylovelunaa

#7 I Have Activated The Claw Trap

Source: tb0ne1915

#8 I Was Told You Guys Would Appreciate Rasmodius’s Murder Mittens! He’s One Of My Foster Kittens! He Loves To Play!

Source: literarylilly

#9 Teeeefs Meezer Teefs

Source: Vast_Plant_1681

#10 Four Week Old Wednesday Resorts To Violence To Get Her Way


#11 Murder Mittens Gripping The Food Bowl

source: Jelly18Bean

#12 Was Told Ursula’s Tiny Murder Mittens Belonged Here

  Source: harperking

#13 When She’s Relaxed But Also Doesn’t Want You To Forget The Potential To Murder

Source: stinkyspacebaby

#14 Meet Patch

Source: FitProblem6248


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