#1 Not Only Is He Illegally Small, But This Is The First Brown Cat Our Rescue Has Ever Pulled Out Of Thousands! How Cool Is He?


#2  I Adopted The Shyest Cat At The Shelter And They Said He May Never Warm Up To Humans. We Are Doing Good

Source: Duck__Holliday

#3  Couldn’t Decide Which To Adopt, So I Kept The Family Together & Adopted All 3

Source: zmescience.com

#4 I Heard A Kitten Crying Through An Open Window Last Night. I Think He’s Glad To Be Rescued

Source: corobe11

#5 Rescued This Little Guy From The Hood Of A Car A Few Days Ago

Source: dreamsswt

#6  My Smol Rescue, I’m In Love

Source: mmkmakar

#7 Adopted A New Kitten And My Void Instantly Accepted Him!

Source: jess_611

#8 We Just Adopted This Goofy Big Boy Named Barnacle – 15 Weeks Old And Bigger Than Our Two Year Old Cat!

Source: DonutPlains

#9 Jellybean Rescued My Husband This Weekend And Now They Are Inseparable


#10 I Posted A Few Days Ago About Old Man Earl At The Shelter I Volunteer At


#11 Flora Was Rescued From Neglectful Owners And Due To Illness Can’t Close Her Mouth Fully. Now She Has A Perma-Blep, Good Thing She Doesn’t Seem To Care


#12 Rescued This Kitten From Behind A Dumpster, Meet Mittens!

Source: H0lsterr

#13 This Illegally Smol Criminal Has Been Living In My Back Yard. No One Wants To Adopt Her So I Guess She Is Now My Illegally Smol Criminal


#14 A Pile Of Rescue Voidlings

If the cat has one blue eye, the percentage drops to 40%.

#15 This Little Guy Just Adopted Us… Walked In To The House Right Behind Me

Source: MadmanKe_254

Let us know in the comments below your opinion about these kitties and which one intrigued you the most.


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