1 Found Him

Photo source:  metrix

2. It Seems We’ve Adopted A Cat With No Spine

Photo source: CazCaz11

3. Here Is My Special Guy!!!

Photo source: Lonely-Flower-2308

4. I Can’t Walk Through The House Without A Derp Attack

Photo source: serendib

5. Even If It Doesn’t Fits, She Still Tries To Sits

Photo source: ArchdeaconOfTheVoid

6. Someone Was Screaming Outside Our Apartment, Ben Was Very Concerned

Photo source: cozilypaint80

7. Slipped Between The Couch Cushions, Still Asleep

Photo source: Wise_Dot9385

8. Caught In The Act Of Attacking A Roll Of Toilet Paper

Photo source: outsanitate264

9. So This Is How My Cat Sleep

Photo source: add1910

10. Malfunctioning At 2 Am

Photo source: d_firlotte

11. This Is My Napping Bowl Now!

Photo source: Ok-Measurement5118

12. This Is Revi. Revi Likes Underwear

Photo source: tommy40

13.  He Asks To Be Picked Up And Then Does This

Source: keegrunk

14. Such A Goofy Little Goblin

Source: Munchkins_nDragons

We hope these hilarious photos have left you with a newfound appreciation for the fierce and playful nature of our feline friends. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know which of these cat warriors stole your heart. Until next time, keep practicing your ninja moves!


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