1. Back Off Sharon! This Is Gary’s Cat Trap!

Photo source: Ksilverstar25

2. Been Working On A Puzzle And Just Finished The Border…. Guess It Also Functions As A Cat Trap 🤷🏼‍♂️

Photo source: jaymi321

3. The Power Of The Sun

Photo source: ForestReverie

4. Mochi Loves To Trap Herself In The Wastebin And Will Happily Stay Put

Photo source: juicypoops

5. Hmmm, It Appears That Rectangular Traps Lure Standard Issue Cats, And Square Traps Lure Tuxedos! You’re Welcome! :d

Photo source: Im_Asia

6. Appropriately Labeled Trap

Photo source: tikitessie

7. I Bought Some Snacks And I Found This

Photo source: tikitessie

8. Kitty, This Is Not A Good Idea

Photo source: OonaMistwalke

9. The Face Says It All

Photo source: emmashawn

10. There’s No Keeping This One Off The Counter So We Placed A Decoy Box To Lure Him In

Photo source: Ranolden

11. 16 Weeks Old And Trapped Already!

Photo source: thorisabore

12. Caught A Void In About 5 Minutes!

Photo source: hugsanddrugs42


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