#1 My Wife Started Feeding A Stray Cat, But I’m Allergic, And We Can’t Take Her Into Our House. I Built The Cat Her Own House Instead. It’s Insulated And Has Electric Heating

Source: gnarly-skull

#2 This Man Is Recycling Old Picnic Coolers Into Shelters For Stray Cats For Winter! How Very Cool Is This

Source: Waifer2016

#3 Made Her A Bridge To The Window She Always Stared At But Could Never Reach

Source: soup_sammich_

#4 My Friend Remodeled The Ceiling Of The Shop For Cats And Now He Is Being Monitored All The Time

Source: SCMcrocodile

#5 Samsung Redesigned Its TV Boxes So They Can Be Up-Cycled Into A Cat House

Source: Samsung

#6 If They Don’t Go Out In Their Cat Strollers At Sunset To Watch The Birdies, I Never Hear The End Of It

Source: mooboomooM

#7 Otter, A Disabled Cat Whose Skull Did Not Form Properly, Wearing His Made-To-Measure Helmet

Source: iklegemma

#8 Husband Said He Was Going To Make A Bed Frame. I Thought It Was For Our New Mattress. It Was For The Cat

Source: julcarls

#9 Made An Iron Throne For My Maine Coon. He Slipped Right Into The Role

Source:  nikers93

#10  I’m Lovin’ It

Source: Reddit

#11 I Felt Bad For My Cat Not Being Able To See Out To Our Front Yard, So Together We Cut Him A Peephole In The Frosting


#12 Cat Bedroom Is Completed. Bird TV Is On

Source: Bry_in_the_sky

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