1. I Found A Scared Kitten In Ukraine, And Now He Is All Grown Up

Photo source: luciferlol_666

2. Before And After The Rescue, Jenny

Photo source: Scarbie,jenny

3. People Ignored Her When She Was On The Streets 2 Years Ago. Now They Are Amazed By How Much Beauty She Has To Offer. Before And After

Photo source: thehowsph

4. I Rescued A Kitten From A Bus Engine A Week Ago. He Had Ringworms, Conjunctivitis, An Infection In His Ears, Fleas, And An Intestinal Parasite. Before vs. After

Photo source: mape14

5. The Day I Found Him Scared And Alone Taking Shelter Under My Car vs. Today

Photo source: NiCallahan

6. My Beautiful Girl Chase Was Orphaned, And I Found Her On A Busy Street In The Middle Of The Road Dodging Cars. Hence The Name Chase. I Had To Chase Her. Before vs. After

Photo source: PuzzleheadedTrick69

7.I Found This Kitten Laying On The Ground In A Parking Lot. We Named Him Coffee. Needless To Say, Things Have Changed

Photo source: wapperpopr

8. Bagheera Came Into The Animal Er I Work At. He Came In With A Broken Paw, Due To Being Stuck In A Car Engine, And Needed A Home. I Couldn’t Say No To This Little Guy

Photo source: buffaloearl91

9. Before And After The Adoption. I Found This Ginger Kitten On The Road In 2021. Later On, I Found A Loving Family For Him. Now He’s Big And Strong

Photo source: ElectricalTravel1671

10.  Found This Little One Crying In A Sewer Grate. I Climbed In Myself So I Could Save It. Before And After

Photo source: Breyber12

11. My Kitten Rice The Day I Found Him vs. Today

Photo source: copencorn

12. We Found This Cat In Awful Condition On The Street And Took Him To The Local Vet. Soon After We Found A Loving Family For This Poor Boy

Photo source: Animalrescueed,Animalrescueed


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