#1 We Rescued A Kitten About 2 Weeks Ago. Her Name Is Mira

Source: Ti-Killa

#2 Spooky Season And We Rescued Our Black Kitty, Solo

Source: anxietypillowfight

#3 My Mom Adopted One Stray Cat. After A Week, The Cat Brought Two Others

Source: tinselpandora

#4 I’ve Wanted A Cat My Whole Life. Rescued Him From An Abusive Home Environment, This Is Bagheera!

Source: HuckDoon

#5 I Rescued A Kitten From A Bus Engine A Week Ago, And Here’s His Update!

Source: mape14

#6 I Just Got Broken Up With After A 3 Year Relationship And My Lil Baby Has Been Snuggling With Me All Day Today. Im Beyond Grateful! I Just Adopted Him Yesterday

Source: Dangerous-Vehicle611

#7 I Recently Adopted A Stray Kitten My Friend Rescued. I Think He’s So Adorable. What Do You Guys Think? He’s Currently Teething

Source: Sunrising2022

#8 Look At These Two Little Half Brothers I Just Adopted

Source: spacedude2000

#9  Had To Rescue From Parking Lot… Abandoned, Alone, Scared And Tiny…

Source: -Rookie-Mistake

#10 My Girlfriend Adopted The Kitten That I Found Under My Jeep. I Think She’s Happy To Be Inside

Source: CoolHipsterName

#11 I Adopted Little Miss Maisie This Week And She’s Already So Loveable

Source: pinkhairlink

Let us know in the comments below your opinion about these kitties and which one intrigued you the most.


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